Why GRE Cutoff

In general US Universities display the minimum GRE Score required for admission to Graduate School. Some universities have average GRE scores required for admission. Usually students search for GRE Cutoff for the program they plan to apply ( gre cutoff for computer science, gre cutoff score for electrical engineering, ..) But, that data cannot be found for all the colleges in America.

The habit of looking for cutoff came from the format followed in India. Cutoff score is the lowest score, below which students will not be considered. For example if the cutoff score is 89/100 then students applying for admission below 89 will not be considered for admission. So, students applying for US Universities tend to believe that all the colleges and universities in United States will have GRE cutoff score.

GRE Cutoff Doesn’t Exists

GRE Score is not the only factor that is considered to admit a student for Masters degree. Along with GRE Score so many other factors ( College Admission Essay, Letter of Recommendation, Academic background,..) are taken into account. So, universities don’t have a specific GRE Cutoff score.

Some schools have minimum GRE requirements. But, that’s not hard and fast rule. If minimum require GRE Exam score is 1300 and student with GRE score of 1250 can still apply for admission. If they have strong academic credentials, which will be considered in place of lower GRE Score.

So, stop searching for GRE Cut-off Scores and start searching for Average GRE Scores. You have better chances of finding some universities and department’s Average GRE Exam score.